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Need Electrical Work Done?

Whether you’re having a completely new build-out or a small repair done, don’t get stuck in the dark from shotty electrical work while watching your money being zapped out of your pocket, right before your eyes. -And, instead, discover skilled electrical workmanship that sets quality, customer service, and time efficiency apart. The difference between making a claim and having proof are not the same as will see working with us.
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Heating Done Right.

Nobody cares to hear about all the bells and whistles of our heating services unless it matters to them. Customers are more interested in how the solution provided will benefit from removing the problem they have.  Here at LA Rentals, we understand the importance of having a functioning heater on a cold day in Indiana. We treat the situation as if we ourselves are having the same problem. That means we will go above and beyond to make sure your heater gives you the comfort you need. Don’t wait until it gets too cold to realize your heater needs work done.  Not only can we fix your problem but we can do inspections as well.

Plumbing Help

A nightmare to come home to is walking into 3 inches deep water and looking up at the 3-foot water ring on the ceiling streaming down like a fountain. All due to a bad pipe fitting you had repaired on the back wall of the washing machine upstairs.  That’s why making sure you have a  quality plumbing service be performed by a company that strives to make sure the customer knows the cause of the problem, why it happened, and how the problem will be solved. That’s how a customer can get peace of mind.
At LA Rentals, our inspections not only finds the problem but also goes the extra distance to check for potential future problems in your plumbing system.

Yard Care Done Right.

Dreading to pull out your lawnmower, trimmer, weed whacking, and the many other tools you have to use to get your yard done?

Not everyone wants to spend their off day repairing any of those machines or wasting hours of precious time to end up with a mediocre outcome.  Landscape care is more than having a pretty patch of green grass. It’s the cosmetic complement to the dreamhouse you decided to live in. We know that coming home to an appealing yard makes “home sweet home” a true meaning. Don’t let your yard turn into the sub-Saharan tall grass that could have your neighbors believing a lion could pounce right out of it. Instead, let us do the work to maintain your curb appeal and upon your desire and turn your yard into a dreamscape. That way you can spend your time doing the things you really want to be doing.


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Snow Piling Up? We Do Snow Removal.

Stuck in your driveway? Don’t have the desire to shovel feet of snow as it continues to fall? Sounds like you need to give us a call and use our Snow Removal service.  Buyer Beware! We know that there are several companies that offer removal. The thing is which ones will perform an excellent job. That’s why finding a reputable company to solve your snow problem. Don’t settle for a company that does as little as they can as fast as they can. LA Rentals LLC doesn’t work to cash today’s paycheck but rather strives to build long-term relations regardless if our services are seasonal or frequent. Snow removal comes with a lot of hazards that are best left to a professional. Snow removal is more than scooping snow to the side because you have driveways, sidewalks, streets, roofs, and also ice issues that come along with the snow. Let us do the focusing on snow removal while you focus on staying warm or spend time accomplishing more important things in your day.

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